Happy 77th Independence Day

Jai Hind

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On this occasion of 77th Year of Freedom Discover Bharat wishes all the people of India a Very Very Happy Independence Day.

15th August 1947 was the beginning of a new History. The Free India. Azadi. The Nation and the People got back its own rights. New Dreams were born with the New Sunrise. It was a revolutionary change in India's history.

Finally British Rule was ended in India which started after the Battle of Plassey on 23 June 1757, when the Nawab of Bengal Siraj ud-Daulah lost the battle. From then gradually East India Company took over the rule of entire India and finally British Government took the control.

India had to fight the long battle for the Freedom because it was not easy. So many Battles were fought and thousands of people sacrificed their Lives for this Freedom that we are enjoying today.

Many great leaders were born who guided the Nation towards the Freedom.

On this Occasion of Independence Day Our Heartfelt Gratitude towards those great Patriots who fought for us, sacrificed everything so that we can live free.

Today India has progressed in all the aspects. We have reached to Mars and Moon. But we have to remember our past sacrifices and contribute our best for a better tomorrow. We wish all the people of India will come together and help to build the Best Nation in the World which our ancestors built once.

Through this website we are trying to unveil the past glory of India by creating various historical articles. If this helps you by any means our effort and contribution towards our Nation will be successful.

Thank you to all our Readers.

We Love you all.

Bharat Mata Ki Jay. Jai Hind. Vandemataram.